Kekkaishi 171-177

Kekkaishi is a popular shounen manga created by Yellow Tanabe.

The scanlation of Kekkaishi started around May 2008 and was posted on a variety of popular manga websites i.e mangahelpers mangashare and franky house.

Here are the Kekkaishi chapters scanlated so far. Big thank you to for the raws and to cnet128 and chengyu for the translations.

Kekkaishi 177 | megaupload | mediafire |
Kekkaishi 176
| megaupload | mediafire |
Kekkaishi 175 | megaupload | mediafire |
Kekkaishi 174 | megaupload | mediafire |
Kekkaishi 173
| megaupload | mediafire |
Kekkaishi 172 | megaupload | rapidshare |
Kekkaishi 171 | megaupload | rapidshare |

Hope you enjoy the chapters, there’s always more to come! 🙂



6 Responses to Kekkaishi 171-177

  1. Inżynieria Chemiczna gr.14 says:

    You are great so much manga in so short time. COOL 😀

    On first you didnt do leveling black but letter great scanlation.

    Thank you very much and we wait for more.
    You are asome good luck and i hope you will have the will to do much more.

  2. Anonymous says:

    been waiting for these for ages, glad someones working on vol19, keep it up, ive been checking this thing every day lulz

  3. Anonymous says:


  4. Anonymous says:

    Thanks. Nice releases.

    Do you plan on (trans/scan)lating next chapters ?

    Any idea about how many time before the next one ? ’cause the story is getting more and more interessing.

    Great work, again!

  5. Spudcadet says:

    Yes I do plan on scanlating more Kekkaishi. As soon as someone releases a translation and makes it available for me to use. 🙂

  6. musse says:

    cool..thanks so much dude!!

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