Kekkaishi 183

Kekkaishi 183 now out! Big thanks to Brandonheato from Franky House for the translation and Kenjimaru from Franky House for the high qualty clean’s. Cheers!

Apologies to people that ended up downloading the larger sized PSD’s, I made a mistake in the release but all the links have now been fixed.

Kekkaishi 183 DDL | mediafire | ssrs | mu |


4 Responses to Kekkaishi 183

  1. Phreaker says:

    Danke Master 🙂

  2. King mickey says:

    Thank you for the release of kekkaishi i will be looking forward to your future releases thanks again.

  3. tony says:

    excellent chapter, cant wait till the next chapter, This series is getting a lot more interesting.

    thank you all for your hard work. Will look forward to your next release.

  4. wll792 says:

    Keep the good work up. We are all your supporters. 加油

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