Kekkaishi Volume 19

Kekkaishi Volume 19 (chapter 175 to 184) is now complete and available to download. Credits go to: for the raws; Cnet128, Chengyu and Brandonheato for their translations; Kenjimaru and Slimpickins for editing. Enjoy the volume.

Kekkaishi Volume 19 DDL | mediafire | (chapter 175-184)


11 Responses to Kekkaishi Volume 19

  1. King mickey says:

    Just one question how soon before you guy upload chapter 185-192?

  2. proto says:

    Are the chapters in this volume identical to the ones you’ve already released?

  3. spudcadet says:

    Yes the chapters are identical. I haven’t got around to numbering the pages yet… Its just a batch download of chapters 175-184.

  4. will says:

    King Mickey don’t be an ungrateful douche. Thank you spud!

  5. matricha says:

    thanx guys again. awesome job. keep it coming.

  6. matricha says:

    sorry for duble post.
    special thanx to the translator.

  7. Randomer says:

    Thanks for the scan! In case you don’t have tankoubon scans for volume 20, I found them here:

    I posted a link on, but they dont’ seem to have noticed it. Seeing as you’ve scanlated volume 19, I guess you’ll be needing 20 soon… Keep it up!

  8. spudcadet says:

    Cheers for the volume 20 link. Wow the raws are fantastic quality. Much better than the individual chapter downloads I got from Thank you Randomer! 😀

  9. Randomer says:

    You’re welcome!

    Also, you can find the latest chapters of Kekkaishi over at Ritual scan forge:

    It’s a French site, but easy to navigate. Sadly, it only hosts the latest chapter until updated, but if you visit it every few days you won’t miss anything. At the moment, they have high quality (for magazine scans) scans of chapters 220 and 221, so I’d recommend downloading them now, just in case. Seeing how translations are going, I figure you won’t be able to use tankoubon scans forever, so could use as many links to good Kekkaishi resources as possible!

    You could keep your eye on the place you got volume 20, in case they scan volume 21 before you get around to it, but if not, you should be able to find chapter scans (even if they are low quality) by googling kekkaishi and chapter number in Japanese characters. You don’t need to be able to read or even display Japanese characters..even copying and pasting the question marks works! Sorry if that’s a bit presumtuous, i just want to support the hard wor you do by adding any information on Kekkaishi I can!

    Good luck with future chapters!

  10. King mickey says:

    Will could you refrain from your ignorant comments and thanks to all for the releases.

  11. matricha says:

    as a big lover/fan of kekkaishi i wouldnt feel better if i just sat and do nothing.

    here’s the link to latest chinese scan kekkaishi (221 latest) manga. but it’s for online view only. if u think the quality is good enough for scans, i’m more than happy to download them page by page and give them to you. probably permission is required, but we can figure that out.
    just let me know.

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