Kekkaishi 185

Kekkaishi 185 now out. Big thanks to Brandonheato from Franky House for the translation.

Kekkaishi 185 DDL | mediafire | ss | rs | mu |


17 Responses to Kekkaishi 185

  1. soni says:

    Thanks for this chapter!! Some really interesting stuff going on now…

  2. overskil says:

    thank you so mush for your effort im so glad to rea this chapter do it by spud scan and franky house(so fast)

  3. LB says:

    Thanks for the chapter!

  4. avi says:

    thk !!!!!!!!

  5. wll792 says:

    Love you muakss

  6. matricha says:

    excellent surprise. this volume is a kickass. i cant wait to see upcomimg fight.
    thqnx guys,

  7. King mickey says:

    Thanks for the chapter i extremely appreciate the releases look forward to the next release

  8. kurohime says:

    really good surprise^^ thank you guys

  9. Lirik says:

    WOOT thanks a lot, I hope we get to see Yoshimori’s mom!!

  10. ukla says:

    PLS make the kekkaishi in ONEMANGA become longer pls try ur best

  11. bihira says:

    thx for the work guys but why the upload of this chapter i thought volume 20 hasnt come out and im pretty sure the preview in the back of the book doesnt give the next full chapter of the next book

  12. kurohime says:

    im confused, because in the web site of raw-paradise there is kekkaishi raw chapter 222 in download… but i can’t find the remaining chapters…anybody could help please ??

  13. matricha says:

    it is simply we are behind raws. kekkaishi manga is lacking a translator. that’s all to it.

  14. Random says:


  15. anon says:

    thanks a bunchh and btw i feel for the translators and scanners its take alot of work and trust me ive been thier , IT IS LONGGG especially polishing the pages

  16. Anonymous says:

    when will you release chapter 186 of kekkashi

  17. spudcadet says:

    When a translation for chapter 186+ becomes available for me to use, I will typeset and release the chapter as soon as I can.

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