Kekkaishi 199

Franky House have been filling in the gaps while I’ve been busy but I had some spare time and decided to do chapter 199.  Thanks to Kaya for the translation!
EDIT: The raw’s I used are from jojo scans. I didn’t know that I needed permission to use jojo scans as is stated HERE at mangahelpers. I am leaving the chapter available for download even though people have advised me not to. It was a mistake on my part using the jojo raw’s and it won’t happen again. Hopefully jojo will let this one slip… If not I’ll just remove it.

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8 Responses to Kekkaishi 199

  1. chacha-chan says:

    K, I havent read the chapter yet so I wont comment on it but BOY was I anticipating this chappie, thanks for the great work!! I love u forevah!! It was a real surprise how Tokine easily made the choice which Yoshimura was hesitating or should I say being forbid to do by ppl around him. I sometimes feel sorry for the girl as though she is supposedly to be in the same position as him, only he attracts friends (and enemies too, Heh!) and supporters while Tokine is often left to fend for herself. I hoped she would be an equal standing protagonist despite this being a shounen but I suppose thats something that is yet to come in shounen manga. Thanks ppl! 😀

  2. Guiiii says:


  3. darkee says:

    thanks for scanning this chapter .

  4. a1047 says:

    Thanks dude 😀

  5. mill says:

    Ketsu, Metsu, see ya.
    They could have saved themselves a lot of repairs with this ^^

  6. matricha says:

    u guys are back:woooooooooooooooooooooooooooot
    thanx a lot

  7. dick says:

    who cares…anything raw is ok 😀 keepp the good work bro 😀 can’t wait for another chapter 😀 if u need i have raw until the latest 😀 but mix source 😛

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